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Make money with AdSense - revealed the Secrets of cash receipts

When preparing to make money with AdSense, most people have heard that this is a good program to help your image of revenue on a web site. There are some conflicting program whether information if it's simple to earn more money. If you are willing to put in the effort, you can earn a nice income using the AdSense program, but it is not without effort. It allows to have a few secrets of backup to improve the income that you expect to make. Here are some of the factors that will help to promote AdSense revenue on your web site.

The design of your Site.

I hope that you will create a site that reflects your own product or service as well as the philosophy or the theme of the site. In the design of the site, it should be on the topic of interest to many people. Otherwise, you'll get few visitors on the site that it will be not valid for advertisers to place ads. They always want to use web sites that have the most visitors and, therefore, high probability that there will be more profit per click. You, as the owner of the web site want to make money with AdSense, but the advertiser wants to acquire effective advertising of its product.

Design AdSense ads

To earn more money with AdSense, you must develop AdSense ads that will improve the amount of traffic to your web site, but you should also design AdSense ads tailored to the web site where they are placed. You should obtain the necessary help of tutorials about aspects of the design of the advertising as the most attractive color, if the advertising should have a frame or a border around it, or be mixed in the contents, wholesale how advertising should be and what shape is the most cost-effective. All these issues have been the subject of an extensive study so that you can gain benefit from accurate information.

Choose the best keywords

Choose the best keywords to earn money with AdSense. There is software available to help you identify and use these keywords to maximize your Google AdSense cash income. The key words that the higher wages are not necessarily the best choice for use on your website, especially if you're a novice contractor and have not yet implemented traffic that is necessary to create revenue with AdWords.

Improve the possibilities of traffic

The other major factor, that you must take into account to earn money with AdSense is the volume of traffic that you attract to your web site. You can increase the traffic by several means. For example, you should do everything possible to legitimately increase your page rank. Research engine optimization techniques are useful to increase and maintain your website page rank. Provide a good content on a popular topic in a niche market is more likely to attract search engine positive rankings.

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Google AdSense - Make Money With a Blogger

Google AdSense is a very popular and complex subject and most websites are about how to make money with Google. What they do not understand, or at least the one who are now creating a website about how to make money, is that this is a tight market where only the strong survive. In fact few websites about how to make money in fact do just that-- make money.
There is another way to make money online, and it is not complex but it requires a lot of time and energy to do this. That is blogging. Creating a blog is very simple, you go and log on to blogger or WordPress and create a basic blog where you write great content to help others. Still a blog is just a blog, often blog writers will use their blog to make money, and not find all that much success. After a while they stop blogging and leave their blog alone.
While writing content is the most important thing you can do on a blog, making money comes in a close second. Almost any blog can create money, and almost any topic will create money that a person needs and there are several ways to do so, but the most important thing to remember is that one needs to keep on writing and keep on linking. That of course takes time.
So, for an example let us look at a writing blog, where the content is based upon writing. If you were to go and look into some of the place that give you an idea of what you might make a this type of blog, you will see you will need a lot of traffic. A more established blog will make money at some point but the first thing you must do in this: add links.
Link between your blog posts. At least one link in each blog post to another like it will help with making money, one the reader will stay on your blog longer, and there is more chance they will click on an ad that suits them. The fact is when you look at your ads, you need to take note of what works and what does not work, that includes your ads-- reminder never click on any of your ads. Use Tools provided for you by Google.
Some ads will be about dating since you have written about relationships between writers and readers, in this case you will need to go to Google AdSense and fix that-- found under categories in your AdSense account. Next look at your links in terms of where people are coming from. It helps to have Google Analytics, and that will help you focus on where you need to target your traffic.
Once you have done all this, there is more of a chance that if you produce content on a regular basis, you will find a lot of success with your site, you will then see more clicks on your properly targeted ads, and more money from these clicks.
Rebecca is the author of many hubs on publishing on HubPages, where she has this hub entitled Google AdSense: I got paid this much? That's Not Much! http://hubpages.com/hub/I-Got-Paid-This-Much-Thats-NOT-Much and she writes about writing on the blog called: Living a Life of Writing, http://islamovich-bb.blogspot.com. She also writes a blog on publishing called the Ups and Down of Publishing. where she discusses challenges and views of publishing. Rebecca is currently beginning to publish lenses on Squidoo as well.

Don't Lose Money With PayPal

Most of anyone who has ever dealt with PayPal for any decent amount of time would probably agree that PayPal can really cause a lot of problems at times. PayPal really controls everything you do with your business. They control what you sell on eBay, how you sell it, and even the money that you get for selling it. PayPal practically owns you if you use it to rely on your full income. As much control as you think you have over your money when dealing with PayPal, they have even more.
PayPal can do whatever they want, and nobody is going to do anything about it. Unfortunately for all of us eBay users, there is nothing we can do. Not accepting PayPal as a payment method is like committing eBay seller suicide. The chances of you succeeding without PayPal are not very good. There are a couple different reasons that I personally have a big problem with PayPal, and I am sure others will agree. The first reason is because PayPal can do whatever they want with your money, and you cannot control it. The next reason is that they can limit your account for whatever they want, for however long they want. Having a limited account for a long enough time can put you out of business.
Let me get into a little bit of details with what I am talking about here.
Limited PayPal Account: PayPal puts limitations on your account, usually leaving you limited to be able to sign into your account and send money to your account. Very rarely you will be able to still accept payments. Most of the time you will not be able to accept payments to your PayPal account, and you will not be able to get any money from your PayPal account.
You can see where the problem can come in. When PayPal limits your account, they are pretty much closing your online business until they feel like letting you open it back up. Your account can be limited for months at times. Now imagine (and maybe you already are) that you care making a living using eBay, and you get paid through PayPal. What would happen if for a month or two you could not get any money out of your PayPal account, and you could not accept any payments. That could cause a lot of problems, and it would be all because of your PayPal account getting limited.
Why will your account get limited? Will they warn you before it happens?
Your PayPal account can get limited for any reason at all. The last time my account was limited it was because I was supposedly "linked" to another PayPal account that had a negative balance. I had never heard of this person before and had no idea who it was, but somehow I was linked to this account. My PayPal account was limited for 41 day, even though whoever this person was brought their PayPal account back to a positive balance after 3 days. PayPal just kept on coming up with different reasons for my account to stay limited, and none of them made any sense. Fortunately because of the techniques I use to avoid letting PayPal stop my business from running (that I will tell you about shortly) I did not lose any money at all. Of course, this was not the first time my account was limited, and I have lost a lot of money because of PayPal in the past.
So you can see that PayPal really does have control over your business and your money. There is however, plenty of ways to avoid letting PayPal do this to you. There are two pretty simple things that I do to make sure I have control over my business and my money. The first thing I do is make sure that I NEVER leave money in my PayPal account. I withdrawal from my PayPal account every single day. I also have a PayPal debit card which makes it very easy to withdrawal my money right away. The next thing I do to make sure that I will always be able to take orders from customers through PayPal is to make sure I have access to multiple PayPal accounts.
Now as far as the multiple PayPal account technique goes, I do not want to tell you what to do with that because I have been told that the method I am using to have multiple PayPal accounts will eventually catch up with me, and they will all get linked and closed. I never want to send you in the wrong direction, but you get what I am saying. The point is that you never want to leave money in your PayPal account, and you always want some other way to accept payments through PayPal even if your main account gets closed.
I also just started reading a guide that shows exactly how to get around all of my eBay and PayPal problems without having multiple accounts and worrying about the money in my account. I have been told that the techniques in this book are great. Once I get finished reading it I will be writing an article about it. I will not however, disclose the too much of the information that is in the book out of respects for the author. You can check out this book here, it is highly recommended personally by me. It will save you a LOT of money throughout your eBay career, along with an unlimited amount of frustrations.

3 Reasons Why Your Google AdSense Online Account is Disabled

Have you ever faced the situation to wake up one day to see a message to inform you that your account is disabled. So, why is your Google AdSense account is disabled? It is the question that I find quite often in many online forums that talk about making money using the latest top paying keywords. Before we list the reasons for this, let us first answer the question "How does Google make money?"

It is considered till the time of writing this article as the top search engine that almost each online business owner tries to advertise his business on it. It works on win-win bases, which offers benefits for both of them, the search engine and the advertiser himself.

The advertiser's text will be shown on the search results each time a related query is carried out by the internet surfers in order to find more relevant information about a certain topic. Then, internet surfers will be directed to the advertiser's website when his ads are clicked and then the advertiser will be charged a certain amount of money called pay per click cost.

I personally faced the problem of having an account that is disabled and I know how much frustrating this problem is. This is especially true, if you already investigated huge amount of time and energy to build your business and drive traffic to it. So, let us now investigate the possible reasons that lead to the situation titled by: "Google AdSense account is disabled".

Reason (1): Clicking on your ads is the worst idea.

Some beginners think that working on the advertising program is the best opportunity that involves the usage of computers to make money at home and they are, from my personal point of view, right. However, they overlook a non-trivial point that this process has a lot to do with working hard and consistent to bring your business in front of other internet surfers.

They think that an ideal solution to overcome this problem is simply to click on the ads to earn the promised commissions. Briefly, you should never do this as Google is already aware of this problem and it can track the IP of the computer where the clicks were generated. If it always the same IP, then be ready to get a message with the title "Google AdSense account is disabled".

One more tip is never to listen to these internet scams that offer you an IP changer as they are not much more intelligent than other search engines and sooner or later you will be uncovered. Additionally, it is much easier to drive traffic to your website and earn legal money with AdSense websites for sale than trying to cheat.

Reason (2): Do not point to your ads.

One possible answer to the question "Why Google AdSense account is disabled?" is trying to drag the attention of your visitors to click on your ads. So, avoid the entire following black hat techniques:

- Using arrows to point your ads.

- Inserting a message like "Click on this ad to win a car"

- Using a pop up message to attract the visitors' attention.

- Inserting any text on your web page asking your readers to click on the ads.

- Using garbage content on your website.

But do not get it wrong as you should be anyway interested in showing your ads on the proper positions as this will naturally drive your visitors to click on these ads. In this context, the proper positions are the top center, middle and the bottom center of your web page.

Furthermore, you should design the looking of your web page so that all your ads are looking like normal text with a hyperlink. This is especially true as internet surfers are biased to ignore ads because they think that they are nothing but people who like to sell something.

In this context, I would strongly recommend for you to insert your ads on your blog too. Indeed, this helps to increase your revenue as most of the search engines like blogs as they are the most flexible method to spread the word about yourself over the internet.

Reason (3): Using black hat SEO techniques is a myth.

As I started to investigate the issue titled with "Google AdSense account is disabled", I worked with the background that blocking the account is not related at all to the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that I use to drive internet surfers to my website. Later on, I discovered that it was a wrong approach.

Generally, most of the search engines care to rank the websites that use ethical techniques to get top rankings on the first page of their organic results and they work on banning or blocking the websites that use illegal techniques to cheat the search engines.

In this context, if you use illegal SEO or black hat SEO training documents, then your website might be banned and if you show any advertising program on your website, then you are again in the situation to get an email with the title "Google AdSense account is disabled".

To establish your business empire as a free online task of making money, drive traffic to your website using article marketing and social media 2.0 websites as they have been proved to be safe and ethical ways to flood your web pages with visitors. At the same time, you should never be worry of being punished by the search engines.

Keeping the previous points in consideration will avoid you to be in the situation "Google AdSense account is disabled".

Primitive Country Furniture and Decor

Primitive country furniture brings a harmonious balance into your home with the rest of your decor. These hand-crafted, rustic, and pre-aged furnishings provide warm and welcome comfort to your family and your visitors. For decades the cabin decor, Adirondack, and mountain lodge styles have been known as the least imposing and most comfortable styles available to the country decorator. Primitive country furniture will blend nicely with other similar decorating styles such as the ones listed above and even Arts and Crafts, Mission Movement, French Country and Craftsman furniture. Now, through the incomparable woodworkers of the Amish communities, you too can recreate the surroundings of the great outdoors in your own country home. Your furniture will be understated with simple classic lines.
Cloth and paint colors are neutral or in early Americana colors. The primitive furniture and pillows will be cozy and overstuffed. In the old days, many primitive country furnishings were made from twigs, branches and other natural elements - so look for earthy colors and uneven tones. Primitive country furniture series has tables, chairs, desks, armoires, nightstands, dressers, benches, beds, and thick wood coffee tables. You'll find them painted, raw, aged, or in artisan hand crafted, old fashioned, traditional designs. The primary feature of this style country furniture is the use of materials from reused pieces, barns, and posts. Planks are old, or fashioned to appear vintage or antique. Some primitive furniture has been created and decorated with bark, branches and twigs. Each log and twig is especially chosen for their shape and texture - right down to the decorative trim. The chunky wood styles of primitive country furniture lend themselves easily to armoires, wardrobes and big tables. Big chests and trunks also double as an innovative coffee table or bench for the foot of the bed.
In the double drawer wardrobe you'll find much more than a closet. Plain oval dining tables with benches make excellent primitive country dining sets. The wooden wall cupboards, wardrobes, plate racks, and hutches give your dining room a comfortable, country style. Or, place a rectangular work table in your kitchen, and use antique kitchenware for your cooking and serving - this brings back memories of an old farm house, doesn't it? Use traditional lighting and chandeliers for a truer experience - with those roughly finished cupboards and racks nearby the kitchen experience will be rustic, homey, warm. There are many different ways obtain primitive country furniture, and they aren't all expensive! Buying used furniture and roughing it up to age it, or overstuffing and recovering larger pieces are two easy and inexpensive alternatives.
This repurposing of existing furniture is also good for the environment. Just because your existing piece of furniture isn't working for you today, doesn't mean that it can't be changed to work for you in the future. For instance, a friend of mine was given an ugly outdated, veneer covered entertainment unit. It was large and just what she needed for her dining room to display her plate collection and cookbooks. We spent 1/2 a day sanding, painting and aging the piece and today everyone asks where they can get primitive country pieces just like hers! Country decor is possible with all the rooms of your house. You can decorate your home wholly or partially in the country style.
So take a look at your existing furniture with a creative eye and consider some of the ways below to changing it to suit your style: Paint, then sand and stain. You won't believe how different a piece of furniture can look once sanded, painted and stained. You can even change the style of the piece. A cheap wooden Ikea table turned into a beautifl primitive country coffee table (years after use) with a thick application of crackle paint and whitewash finish. Outdated dressers can also change. Change the hardware. A few vintage, restoration or antique handles, hinges or pulls can turn a piece of wood furniture into a rustic masterpiece. Similar to painting, staining and sanding, old glass balls or brass handles add primitive to any previously country furnishing. One of my favorites is to re-upholster or re-cover a sofa, chair, loveseat or footstool. Thick primitive fabric is now easier to come by than ever before (or just look for muslin) to update a piece of furniture.
If you don't think you have the skill to re-upholster a piece, shop around for some country slipcovers - instant change. Buy antique or vintage pieces. Besides being environmentally friendly, those deals fit right into primitive country decor. Rather than spending $2000 and more on a new couch or dining set, why not shop around for something similar, but gently used? Primitive country furniture is available at affordable prices and will lend that welcome air to any room of your home. Country decor reduces the modern air to most homes and apartments - enhancing the peaceful and authentic nature of your home and your family members.

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Carnival De Paris - Official Song of 1998 Fifa World Cup - Dario G

Marketing and network marketing Internet

Marketing and network marketing Internet - what you've heard of these two business models, you would probably have only seen the negative side of it.
The popular opinions are that all network schemes are some scams, or that Internet marketing will not work, because there are millions of Web sites. These are the popular misconceptions.
But first, let me tell you why these two false are good.
This means that fewer people will be motivated to participate in these two companies, which is important, because after all, the Internet marketing specialists we want market saturation! If everyone is selling, no one will buy.
Now, why many people essentially without training on these two topics? Everything boils down to one simple reason. Where people get their news from? Correct, newspapers, newspapers television and sometimes on Internet. These mediums were never knowing network marketing or marketing affiliate/Internet, all they talk about traditional business models. They are more interested in what happens in the applications of integrated resort facilities, the war in Iraq, the fight against AIDS, the overview of the stock exchange and all who first influenced people to believe that jobs in the service industry has a future promising, and the second is important, but really, not much about people on this subject.
What else is the media report? All the bad toutes les mauvaises nouvelles news concerning pyramidal, fraud, money laundering. You see these all day on the first page. Do you ever see a history of success of a dealer network in the news?
Thus the public remains continue to be educated. Which is good, in a way!
Fabian Tan is a short trip to his ? daily Office his house! In 2006, he ?murdered? his job and now earns a solid online income.

What You Need to Know About Making AdSense Money

The AdSense scheme is the easiest, most convenient way to start earning money on the internet. You don't have to call anyone, send anything or pay to use Google AdSense. It is free and can be quick to join. But a lot of people step into AdSense with all sorts of misconceptions about what the scheme is all about. Many new publishers join the scheme in the hope of making quick AdSense money.
Unfortunately, the reality of AdSense isn't like that. Making AdSense money is not as simple as many people believe.
Making AdSense money can be very difficult, because AdSense like all Pay-Per-Click schemes relies on traffic to work. In fact, it not only relies on traffic to make money, it relies on their participation on your site. For anyone to make money with Google AdSense, they need not only for the visitors to pass through their site but to also actually click on their ads. Without the click you don't earn any money.
So, you might be thinking that getting traffic to your site is no obstacle to earning loads of AdSense money. After all if you get 50 people passing through your site daily and your ads cost $4.00 each you could be earning something in the order of $200.00 a day and $6000 a month.
Easy money.
But only if AdSense was so simple. First, you would be very lucky to get ads delivered to your site that on average earned you $4.00 a click. Realistically, on average you would be lucky to earn $0.50 per click. Also, not everyone who passes your site is going to click on your ads. In fact only a very small number of people interact with your site enough to actually your click on your AdSense ads. Click-Through-Rates (CTRs) on most sites are about 5%. Many AdSense publishers will argue that average click through rates are much less. So in order to earn $100 worth of AdSense cash a day you would need more than 80 times more traffic passing through your site, that is 4000 people (if we use CTRs of 5% and CPCs of $0.50). That's an enormous amount of people; too many for a new AdSense publisher to attract quickly.
As you can see making AdSense money isn't an easy task even for the experienced AdSense publisher. But hopefully by having a realistic understanding of the job required to create a successful AdSense website you will be more prepared for the work involved.
Dari enjoys writing about the net. She has just started using AdSense successfully and wants to share her experience with the rest of the world.

The Dream Team - the years of glory of FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona is a football club based in Barcelona, Spain. This team, known by fans simply as Barca, was always remained popular since its creation in the 1890s. One of the most popular periods was in 1988 when former player Johan Cruyff Barcelona returns as club Director and assembled the Dream Team.
Cruyff team, now dubbed the "Dream Team" after the basketball American team (which was composed of professional players of NBA) who played in the 1992 Olympic Games hosted by Barcelona. Cruyff has Spanish Dutch Josep Guardiola, José Mari Bakero, Txiki Beguiristain, Jon Andoni Goikoetxea, with Romanian Gheorghe Hagi, Ronald Koeman, Dane Michael Laudrup, Brazilian Romario and Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov.
Under the direction of Cruyff, the Dream Team won four consecutive la Liga titles (the Spanish League in which they played) from 1991 to 1994. They beat Sampdoria in the final of the 1989 UEFA Cup Winners Cup and the last game of the cup of Europe 1992 at Wembley Stadium, with a goal of kick for Ronald Koeman celebrates. In 1990, the Dream Team won a Copa del Rey, followed by the European Super Cup in 1992 and three Supercopa de España.
How exactly the Dream Team could accomplish what it does is open to speculation. Certainly you have to give credit to players, none of them had egos to match their considerable skills (or if they did they held in failure), but you must also take account of their leader.
Johan Cruyff was a beloved Barcelona figure because of the length it y as a player in All - Star FC Barcelona in the 1970s, in which he claimed that he had chosen to play for FC Barcelona Real Madrid (their hated rivals) because he could not play for a club associated with the former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.
He also gives his son Catalan (the area in which Barcelona Spain) name when he is born, Jordi. Cruyff was named European Footballer of the year in his first year with FC Barcelona and helps win La Liga for the first time in fourteen years, beating Real Madrid 5-0 along the field their Stadium Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.
Cruyff was renowned for his style of play and dynamic ideas on how the game should be played, where he learned during his pre-Barça with l ' Ajax Amsterdam. His style was called "Total Football" and consisted of a system in which a player could leave his post and be replaced by another field. This effectively maintained in the Organization of the team still allowed players to play all positions. Inevitably, this would follow in his players and allowed them to function as a coherent unit winning.
The "Dream Team Era" was one of the many golden age for FC Barcelona and the other that they would like to resume. As with all sports teams, these eras come and go, and that the recovered some of its former glory under Frank Rijkaard, his team never lived in the hopes of many supporters of Barcelona.
One of the highlights of the visit of Barcelona for any fan of sport is to see the Barcelona to play in the Nou Camp. See simply Barcelona Tickets for more information about the FC Barcelona Tickets reservation online with guaranteed credits.

Ncp V1 explain the program the best in the run Newcamd

You want in this subject was reported that members of the program the least we can say that he was the best program to run server Alnaocamd
After the problems faced by the members, especially Al Jazeera Sport +5 to +8 Otikm day program solves this problem
Download the program:
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Explanation of the program:
After downloading the program and dismantling of the pressure is obtained on the following

Fish & Chips

Of cuisine quick and popular pride usually people of the island the British applied the «fish and chips», or what is known as Bal «FSH End Chips» (fish and chips), as he was for many years, is part of the heritage of world cuisine and food, especially for classes People working or poor. This is the dish of the simplest dishes fast as containing only the fish and potatoes fried with butter and beef fat. The dish sells papers newspapers (before modern laws prohibit it) as it gets with a lot of quick dishes popular in the Arab countries, especially Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco.
But this dish, it seems Britain is not purely and has several assets, as revealed by recent studies conducted by Panicos Banyer researcher at the University of Leicester, this popular dish has been affected so much about what brought immigrants to Britain by more than 160 years. Says Professor Banyer which focused his research on the nature of the diversity of dishes and food and British assets, or in other words the external influence and global cuisine British, the dish of «FSH AT & Chips» a mixture of potatoes, French fried commonly known as «Fries» (French fries), and fish dishes Judaism. This development has happened over the kitchen between the British in 1850 and the end of World War II in 1945. It was reported by British writer known or Chalers Dickens, the famous dish in his novel by the nineteenth century «Oliver Twist» (Oliver Twist). Historians confirm usually potatoes into Europe from Latin America (Peru) by Sir Walter Raleigh (Sir Walter Raleigh) in the seventeenth century, and the dish «Pescado Frito» (fried fish well) which is part of the heritage of a Sephardic Jewish East, arrived to England and the Netherlands with the arrival of immigrants and refugees from the Jews of Spain and Portugal, mostly Sephardic, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Banyer and adds that the dish has spread in the nineteenth century because people at that time were concerned with food food or nutrients that protect them against diseases and keep them alive, more diverse and sophisticated cuisine expensive habit. He says in this regard: «According to a popular dish is not Britain, as some believe. Typically, people eat out of date as well as a cup of tea, which was not only clear evidence of the impact of the British Empire on the nature of the national cuisine ». Add to that, of course, license plate, no license cost and ease of obtaining it (potatoes and fish). Assumed that the works of Professor on a study in the book under the title: The Spicing Up of English Life, and is supposed to continue to study many things such as the arrival of ice cream and pork through the German immigrants and Italians, and the magnitude of the impact left by the Indian restaurants and Chinese British cuisine in general, as they constitute a large percentage of restaurants in the country. And confirms a lot of research, that the high prevalence of the dish popular that between the mid-nineteenth century and the current time, back to the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution and to meet the needs of her contemporaries of people and classes, so it can be said with the Industrial Revolution in Britain and the world at the time, was behind the spread plate of «FSH AT & Chips »or the opposite, namely that the« Land FSH Chips »is the one who sparked the Industrial Revolution. The beginnings of the industrial revolution that replaced the traditional fishing vessels in the north of the globe such as Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Greenland and Iceland, modern ships equipped with steam engines and electrical fast. This has contributed to the expansion of markets, fishing and therefore the «Land FSH Chips» and meet the great demand for it. It also said that the dish has become a major and in accordance important and necessary to the normal rights the British, to the extent that the owners of restaurants in the city of Leeds in the thirties put guards at the entrances to adjust the long queues of customers.

Spain vs Costa Rica (U20 World Cup 2011) Mundial Sub 20

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BBB Game full

Big Brother Brasil (GAME)

O jogo Big Brother Brasil é baseado no programa de televisão. Nele o jogador tem o objetivo de conquistar os R$ 500.000,00 (quinhentos mil reais).
Os desafios que o jogador irá enfrentar estão relacionados a convivência com os demais participantes, aceitação do público, além de tarefas cotidianas de limpeza, higiene, alimentação, entre outras.
Com base nas ações executadas pelo jogador, o público e os demais participantes estarão avaliando e elaborando um conceito em relação a este jogador. Quanto mais bem relacionado com os participantes e mais bem visto pelo público, maiores serão as chances do jogador conquistar o premio final.
Estilo: Simulação
Tamanho: 85 MB
Formato: Rar
Hospedagem: Easyshare